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Russ and his team value relationships over closing transactions. They prioritize trust, understanding, and effective communication with clients and industry peers. Russ views his clients not as mere commission checks but as individuals deserving of genuine care and attention. By placing relationships at the forefront, he establishes a solid foundation for your long-term real estate success.


Russ is a reliable Realtor who actively listens and responds to his clients' needs. He understands the importance of their decisions and takes the time to understand their desires and concerns. His prompt and thoughtful responses create a trusting relationship, making him an excellent choice as your Realtor. You won’t have to worry about Russ getting back to you in a timely manner when you reach out to him.


Whether you're selling a property, buying a new home, or seeking investment opportunities, Russ's expertise and market knowledge empower him to achieve your desired outcomes. His adept negotiation skills, coupled with a keen understanding of the market, allow him to maximize value for sellers, find the perfect property for buyers, and identify lucrative investment options for investors. With Russ by your side, you can trust that he will go above and beyond to ensure your real estate goals are successfully accomplished.

Why Choose Russ


Meet Russ Robinson

Russ Robinson is your relational and reliable real estate professional for all your Utah real estate needs. It’s no surprise that his sales are climbing quickly as His passion for buying and selling homes makes him a credible resource to represent buyers, sellers, and investors across the state.


As a member of Stokes and Company Real Estate Services, Russ leverages his networks and cutting-edge technology to go the extra mile in helping you achieve your real estate goals and dreams.


With a background in home remodeling and running his own real estate investment company, Russ has a unique advantage as your agent. He can assist you in exploring creative possibilities for home ownership and sales in today's dynamic market.


Originally from Middle Tennessee, Russ and his family have chosen Utah and its endless beauty as their home for over a decade.


I chose Russ after considering three different agents and I'm SO GLAD I did!

Russ is not only an expert in his industry and a diligent agent; he is also honest, an excellent communicator, a person with high integrity and standards of excellence, and consistently known to go above and beyond to serve his clients.

Anson Dipnarinesingh

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